Saturday, February 12

One Love Bug

I had to make these Love Bugs from taidye. They are just so adorable. This is my first one, and he's a bit wonky, but I like him and he will be loved!
I call this a "Genius Moment," where I decide to take on a huge project. But there's more than JUST the project itself that makes this so special. In fact, there are many factors involved for this to truly be a "Genius Moment." For example:

  • It is a big project. I'm making 32 total of these bugs.
  • I've convinced myself that everyone will love it.
  • I only have two days to complete ALL of them.
  • I DIDN'T EVEN THINK about it until three days ago. AND...
  • I really am going to do it!
Now, on to make the next 31 bugs to hand out to my sons class on Monday morning.


  1. You rocked the bug!! You will get them done. They start going REALLY fast after the first few! Cant wait to see his friends!

  2. I just had to come and see what YOUR bug looks like...they're so adorable! :D