Friday, February 25


From Gypsy Mama: On Fridays around these parts we have a little tradition. We throw caution (editing, revising, and worrying) to the winds and just write.

For five minutes flat.

Topic: Five Years Ago
Five years ago I didn't think I would ever miss that newborn stage of having a baby. See, I'm not a baby person. Holding an infant that can't keep it's head up has never been my forte. Wanting a baby that will need you for EVERYTHING was not on my to-do list. I wanted a child, but not the baby part.

Five years ago, my son was 6 months old and I was in awe as I watched him play and sleep and learn language and learn to eat. But somehow I missed those early days when he needed me more. I mean, I looked forward to when he didn't need me to help him eat or potty etc. But there is something sweet and magical about watching a baby breath; watching him recognize you; watching him smile or laugh for the first time. MAGICAL!

I am so proud of the boy my son is right now, but sometimes, occasionally, very rarely, i miss those first months of being parents for the first time. The craziness, the no sleep, not sure that I want to relive that. But then again, those baby toes that don't stink yet! That toothless grin and baby gurgle noise.


That is fun! You should try it too! Makes me want to keep going!

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  1. Hi! I'm here via Five Minute Friday. :)

    I remember those early months too. I didn't savor it the first time at all. But this last time, I did.

    But like you, I very rarely miss it. ;)