Tuesday, February 8


Valentine advertising seems focused on the flowers and the jewelry for the women; stuffed animals and candy for the kids; chocolate for the "I'm sorry." But what about the guy!? What do I get my guy that will last? New boxers? A bottle of wine?

A few years back, I put together this mini album for my guy. He was feeling blue (about who remembers what) and I wanted to remind him that he was still MY GUY!

Mini album was from the dollar store, 6x6, now my favorite size. Big enough to see, small enough to be done relatively quickly.

Here are some shots of a few of the pages I did up. Enjoy!
Below, was the day we found out we were pregnant! Oh, the memories!
I thought up different adjectives and put it all in my own writing for that personal touch, like a love letter!

I didn't put them in any order, I just put them in! We've been together since 1998. Where has the time gone? This is the first picture taken of us as a couple. We hooked up July 4th, 1998!This shot is from our wedding invitations that my husband actually made for us!

I ended with our professional wedding shot (not shown) and on the back cover, this:

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