Thursday, April 28


I got these portfolios done in no time!

These are so fast and so easy, all straight lines. Amy Butler pattern. I have used mine for stationary. Stick in some envelopes, cards, a pen, and some stamps: all set for pen pal writing!

I think they make a great first time project if anyone is looking!

I finished up all the drawstring purses as well.

These are so cute, but the drawstring part was a bit of a pain, though definitely worth it.

Wednesday, April 27


I have been working on these purses for the last two weeks (as well as these portfolios here) to sell in a boutique coming up this weekend. I am excited for how they turned out.

I am not very good at prices and was wondering if anyone has an idea of what these would sell for. I don't want to go too high, but too low is just as bad!

Dimensions: 13'' wide by 10'' tall by 4'' deep They have a drawstring closure at the top.

I can fit my Bible and my planner in one. When I was working, I would put my lunch in my bag and put the whole bag in the fridge. My 5 year old son has used my flowery one for carrying helicopters and rescue vans! (I'm making him a boy-ish one later!)

What do you think? How much should I sell them for? I've gotten a pretty good response for the cuteness factor here at home. They cost me about 10 dollars to make.

This one is my favorite!!

Here are a couple more shots...

Sunday, April 17

Spiderman Shirt

Added a little girly touch to a Spiderman shirt. This shirt has been in my fix-it pile because of holes in the armpits. When I found out that my niece wanted to have a Spiderman party, I had to change this from manly to girly. I had to cut off the neckline and the long sleeves first.

I hope I succeeded! I tried to do a bit of serging, but a zig-zag is what you see. I hemmed the neckline and the sleeves, sewed up the holes, baste-stitched the neckline to pull the strings and formed ruffles. I then sewed the ruffliness in place, pulled out the basting stitches and this is what you have:

I wish I had time to add some ruffles to the bottom, but this needs to be going home with her tomorrow.

I used this technique found here at Obsessively Stitchy.

Friday, April 15

Five Minute Friday: On Distance

"Got five minutes? Let’s write. Let’s finger paint with words. Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not." ~Gypsy Mama

On Distance


What is the distance between what I am and what I want to be?
When I think of distance, I think about how long it will take me to get there.

Oh, how much I want to BE THERE! I want TO BE all of this potential that is wrapped up inside me. I want to be DONE CHANGING my heart because it hurts so dang much to grow and to be.

How long, dear God, until I have arrived at my destination? What is the distance that is left to travel this road less traveled by? I WANT TO BE THERE NOW! I want to be existing at my full potential, and doing what you have set aside for me to do.

Distance, long and hard, to keep a relationship going, but we did it for 3 years, 2 year in college and 1 while I was on the other coast, and have been married for 8.

Distance that the Lord Jesus traveled on foot to Jeruselem, to the cross. How beautiful the feet that walked the long dusty road and the hill to the cross. How beautiful that the distance wasn’t shorter for our sake and longer for his. Perfect.


Wednesday, April 13

Male Pattern Boldness

Found a new blog, Male Pattern Boldness, that I will try to follow along with! Not sure if I’ll actually be sewing jeans in May, but I am curious and excited to learn new things about sewing!

Tuesday, April 12

It's in the Story

It seems that our first instinct is to judge; to inspect first, ask later.

But going only on visual interpretation, we don't know someone's heart, someone's struggles and joys. It is in the story telling, the getting to know each other, that I hope we see Jesus!

Life isn't about the daily grind. It's about the stories. My church did some soul searching and reflections a few years back, wondering about leaving the neighborhood and if the neighborhood would notice. The answer is YES!

But what about me personally? Would my neighborhood miss me? Am I interjecting myself into the life stories of the people around me, specifically in a positive way? Or do I just skim the surface with small talk and gossip? Do I care enough to go deep into the stories of my neighbor's lives and let them do the same into my life?

It scares me to do that. Letting someone into your story can hurt. The chapter could end and that person might not be around for the next chapter. But that person could also change the story so much that the whole book goes in another direction, for good or bad I suppose.

My grandmother passed away a few weeks ago. I didn't know her very well. I didn't even go to her service, thoug
h I am deeply saddened! My mother and father said that people told wonderfully stories about her and they wished that we, my sisters and I, had gotten to know her. Actually, I had plans to visit her early this summer and ask her how she met Grandpa, but she passed away before I could find out her story. Really, it's my story; how I got here; how my dad grew up to become the amazing person that he is; how he was shaped to fall in love with my mom and how they raised my sisters and me.

It's a story that shapes me even if I don't know all the details. My grandmother was an amazing author and I hope to be half of what she was. She was so witty and funny the few times I saw her that I could see where my own dad got his sarcasm from! She was short and a bit of a spitfire! Even though the details might be lost, I am shaped by her story. I am shaped by her struggles as a Jew during the Holocaust, (I just found this out!!!) I am shaped by her work ethic that shaped my dad who taught me. I am shaped by her genes and blood that flows through me, even if I can't see all of the connections.

Why do we like the shows on television that depict an ER or a court room or the streets of LA? Because there are stories to be told in those locations. There are stories of struggle and stories of triumph; stories that we can relate to, or stories that we are glad we can't identify with.

Why? Because it's in the story...

Thursday, April 7

Five Minute Friday: If you met me

Got five minutes? Let’s write with Gypsy Mama. Let’s write in shades of real and true and unscripted.
Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not.

If you met me, you might think I'm snooty and judgmental at first. You might think that I think very carefully about what words I say next or that I am simply thinking deeply.

If you met me, you wouldn't realize that I am self-conscious of my words. I am smart, but not fast on my feet and am just trying to think of the right thing, not something profound or thought provoking.

If you met me, the first thing you would notice is my curly hair, but I really wish you would notice that I am trying to be more like Jesus. You might notice that I am a bit over-weight, but I want you to notice that I am a deeply scarred person that is waiting to be used for HIS glory, His strength in my weakness.

If you met me, would you notice that I want to sing when I'm happy or shout when I'm sad? Would you notice that I try to be loving, but that it oft' times comes off as judgmental? Would you notice that my quietness is nervousness? Would you notice the strength that is in silence or the power of words...


This one was fun! I might expand on this later! Now, don't edit, just POST!

Friday, April 1

Five-Minute-Friday: Favorite Things...

From Gypsy Mama:
Five minutes to just write, and not worry if it’s just right or not. Kind of like how the rest of my life is at the moment.
A few of my favorite things….


I love the silly things that God has created, like giraffes and peacocks.

I love organization, although I don't use it enough!

I love splashing in puddles with my son! It's so simple and messy and I love the snuggling that comes after when we are working on getting warm.

My favorite times are when we are away from the clutter of the house and school things; the times when we can sit and enjoy nature; when we can talk about geese and why they do the things they do.


That's it. No editing. Publish post now!