Wednesday, April 27


I have been working on these purses for the last two weeks (as well as these portfolios here) to sell in a boutique coming up this weekend. I am excited for how they turned out.

I am not very good at prices and was wondering if anyone has an idea of what these would sell for. I don't want to go too high, but too low is just as bad!

Dimensions: 13'' wide by 10'' tall by 4'' deep They have a drawstring closure at the top.

I can fit my Bible and my planner in one. When I was working, I would put my lunch in my bag and put the whole bag in the fridge. My 5 year old son has used my flowery one for carrying helicopters and rescue vans! (I'm making him a boy-ish one later!)

What do you think? How much should I sell them for? I've gotten a pretty good response for the cuteness factor here at home. They cost me about 10 dollars to make.

This one is my favorite!!

Here are a couple more shots...


  1. Love them! Too cute! Thanks for sharing...

    Jeanna @

  2. wish i could see them bigger... maybe $25??

  3. I just added some new pictures to show the purses closer up. What do you think!?!?

  4. they are a little smaller than i was thinking but look GREAT! love some of the pattern combos!