Friday, July 24

Culture Shock 100

This picture is a neighborhood in Jackson, MS. You can't see the houses for the trees and shrubs in the way. Beautiful!

I bet it keeps it so cool. From the air, I wonder if you can even see the houses nestled together.

This was a different scene then I am used to.

Thursday, July 23

Culture Shock 99

Growing up, I remember my dad always fussing with the sprinklers.  Digging, replacing, fixing, messing with the timer. I remember going to the store with him to get parts.

Raise your hand if you are in Mississippi and you even know what sprinklers are! Ok, the three of you can put your hands down now.

We planted a garden this year.  We do use the hose to water it, but we didn't even think to put in sprinklers. I should rephrase... my husband laughed at me when I suggested it!