Saturday, May 29


2 puppy ears and an earth worm have been mended. ONE HAPPY little boy!

Friday, May 28

Baby Blanket

Monkeys for a friends new baby boy coming soon. Also finished the soccer baby gown with some elastic along the bottom. I think I'm in love with elastic now. Here's the first steps to the gown!

Wednesday, May 26

Finally Finished

I have been working on these two for quite some time. Finally got them finished to ship to New Jersey this week. Bitofwhimsy doll pattern on

Refashion Shirt to Baby Gown

These are the two shirts that had to be cut up for this project. Girls, (you know who I'm talking about it!) it was time for this shirt to be used up!

These are the pieces to be sewn together:

And this is the final gown for baby, (minus elastic at the bottom.)
I hope there is one happy Auntie out there! I used this tutorial here. Fantastic!

Friday, May 21

A Crown

For Nick to wear at his birthday party. I don't know if he will actually wear it, but it was fun to make for him~

Monday, May 17

New Shorts

I found this T-shirt at goodwill also. Although it would have made a cute shirt for me, I've been wanting to make shorts for my son. So this striped T became shorts tonight! 20 minutes total, (not counting the time it took me to find the tutorial I had bookmarked.)

Striped T-shirt.

Cut pieces.

New shorts that just need the elastic put in.

The vertical striped shorts are the ones I used as a pattern. I'm afraid the ones I made may be a bit short in the waist, but we'll find out. If they are, I have some left-over blue T-shirt material that can be the cuffs and the waist. I'll make it work!

Saturday, May 15


I finally got the nerves together to cut into a T-shirt. I love how it turned out.

The front became the back and it's just like new! (no one was home to take a pic of the back for me.)

Saturday, May 8

New-to-me Fabric Store

Oh My Goodness!!! I cannot believe I came across this sight! I am looking into it more, but I have been wanting to design my own fabric; have heard about people designing their own fabric; have finally come across this business in North Carolina; cannot wait to design my own fabric.

IT IS a bit pricey per yard, so definitely something that will have to wait. Actually, I have come across another sight that you could print your pictures onto fabric and other people could buy your fabric-picture. I found some awesome race cars for my son and some amazing nature shots. That sight was priced for the exotic type, though, and with a quick search I could not find them again.

Anyway... I am excited for Spoonflower Fabrics and cannot wait to explore their site more thoroughly.

Friday, May 7

No Win

i didn't win this fun contest, but i found some great ideas and some new stores to check out!

and of course i have a new jacket to wear that i absolutely love!

here are the 60 tops that made it big. everyone that entered did a fabulous job. it has been incredible to see such talent, even from women who have never sewn before.