Monday, March 31

Culture Shock 3

This may not be culture shock for some. We have lived in apartments and not had backyard space. We feel extremely blessed now.

My boys can play outside without a fence. I'm not worried about them running into the street. I'm worried about bee stings and mud puddles! Its a nice change.

Sunday, March 30

Culture Shock 2

I am pretty sure I am the only one in Mississippi that doesn't own a single piece of camouflage clothing.

And I don't plan to remedy that anytime soon.

Saturday, March 29

Culture Shock 1

I've been asked over and over if I have been experiencing culture shock. Moving from California to Mississippi has definitely been an adventure. Before we moved people said that it would be different. We asked how. " It will be different," was the answer.

I decided to chronicle my " shocks," as it were, in a blog series. Some people will relate. Some people will think it's silly. Some people will think that I'm the weird one.

I'll start with a simple one. One that took me awhile to figure out, though. For those of you in California, this might come as a surprise:

The outlets are upside down ... in California!

Shark Bait Upcycle

Another Upcycle. I just love that word! My little guy loves Finding Nemo. And the initiation scene is his favorite! A shirt that says " Shark bait" is just perfect!  I had to make it fit. And so 2 shirts become one.

Monday, March 3

sleep sack

 I could not bare to get rid of this.
My older son wore it when he was a little guy.
too, though for not as long! It still fits my baby across the shoulders so I though i little sweater would be great! DIDN'T THINK about the fact that the zipper is missing a piece to hold the zipper on.8

I sewed a tack right where the dark blue starts along the zipper. so this will be a pull-over.