Saturday, March 29

Culture Shock 1

I've been asked over and over if I have been experiencing culture shock. Moving from California to Mississippi has definitely been an adventure. Before we moved people said that it would be different. We asked how. " It will be different," was the answer.

I decided to chronicle my " shocks," as it were, in a blog series. Some people will relate. Some people will think it's silly. Some people will think that I'm the weird one.

I'll start with a simple one. One that took me awhile to figure out, though. For those of you in California, this might come as a surprise:

The outlets are upside down ... in California!


  1. Outlets are up to personal preference. Ours in TX and in CA are two holes on the top and one on bottom.

  2. Personal preference of the electrician that is. Is it different for everyone out there?

  3. I believe it is upside down because the wording on the plug.