Sunday, March 14


No sewing got done in Tahoe: pictures coming soon. Thanks for a great weekend. It was fun and snowy and cold and AWAY from all things normal!

Sunday, March 7

Cutting the Jacket

Cut the pattern out today. Took much longer than anticipated. This jacket has a lot of pieces so I am very glad that I am starting now. Thanks to my mom for providing her family room space since I don't have a stretch of land to accommodate 3 and a half yards of fabric. I still have 8 more strips to cut out, though~!

Update 3/10/10: Strips cut, pile sitting on the ironing board, waiting for magic! Trip to Lake Tahoe first, then sewing for a friend. I might get to this before Easter...

Saturday, March 6

A New Project Begun

To begin a new project, I read the instructions twice. This is the second read through. I think I get it and can't wait to get started! I remeasured the fabric to make sure I had enough for my size. (The lady at the fabric store didn't seem sure of her own measuring technique.)The fabric is more like fall colors, but I am deciding to call this a spring jacket anyway. It will be too light-weight to be a fall / winter jacket. We only have two seasons in California anyway: fall and summer. It just makes total sense to make a SPRING jacket, then.

So far, in my sewing career, I have sewn curtains, 5 dolls and 2 worms, a couple blankets, countless purses, one top without a pattern, one re-purposed man's shirt, one dress for my niece and a skirt for me, and only 2 blouses from the same pattern.

I'm not much for following patterns. I was the one in first grade who picked the brown paper because no one else wanted it. I never cared for the latest fashion. In fact, quite the contrary: I wore what was comfortable and that tended to be on the more preppy side in junior high and the more casual side in high school.

I've wanted to sew since high school so that I could say that I made it. I put the urge aside in college to pursue creating in music and missions projects. When I was pregnant with my son, the urge to sew came back. (called 'nesting' to some!)

I'm excited to say that my blog has been good therapy for me with many topics, but has now found a place among the sewing blogs out there in cyberspace.

Added later: So far, McCalls Patterns seem much easier to follow than Simplicity Patterns. Go figure!

Tuesday, March 2


I just decided that I would document my journey of making a jacket for a contest. Not truly a tutorial, but just a process.

I do hope the decision is made to go ahead with the contest. The link above is for the 2009 rules and such.

Here's hoping that it goes on and I win!

Monday, March 1

It's March

I know that "Boy Month" is officially over because it's March, but it isn't fair because February is such a short month. I'm waiting to see if I won a contest from here.

I am also in the middle of a couple boy projects that will have to be posted later. I will continue this boy fest since I have a little boy who is finally loving the things that Mommy makes for him. Clothes are next on the list of things to get started on, but will need some different fabrics for that.
In the mean time, I whipped this up last night as inspiration to get son and Daddy out of the house and to the library.