Thursday, December 30


Cousins can be so exhilarating to be around. Then 5 minutes later, all the kids need a time out! I think it is the anticipation of a perfect day. This day below was a day at Dell'Osso Family Farm for the petting zoo and the little bit of snow. To a 5 year old without siblings, spending time with cousins is an opportunity to have a brother or sister for a day. But just like a brother or a sister, cousins get under the skin. They argue, they bully, they get tired of each other. They kiss, they hug, they laugh and pretend.
The minute they are parted from one another, the asking begins of when will they been seen next, "how many days, oh how I miss them both!"

I love that we live so close to a bit of our extended family. I spent summers with my cousins and have fond memories of growing up without parental supervision! I hope my son has fun times and memories with his cousins, though there is a lot more supervision for this next generation!

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