Saturday, December 4

It's Here

Well, the Christmas tree is almost up. I know it should be, but a lot has been on my mind. We had to install a new dishwasher; file yucky court papers; work out behavior issues at my son's school.
So, at least the tree is at the house and there are no more excuses to delay the unpacking of Christmas ornaments and other decorations!

AND: the Christmas presents no store can sell me...
1. an empty laundry basket, one that has been filled to overflowing and now stands empty because the laundry is all caught up.
2. a sign that reads 'Peace' that means my heart is at rest in the Lord; that my mind is at ease with His care.
3. a wooden cross where Jesus used to be, but is now alive and well!
4. clothes of righteousness and peace and gentleness and faith and love!

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