Tuesday, July 12


A friend posted this article about curls and it reminded me of my own battle as the only one in the family with curls. I remember my little sister, with her long straight hair, asking me advise on what to do with her style for the day. YEAH RIGHT! I could barely do my own let alone grab a curling iron and help the lass!

So, a blast from the past: Me and my battle with the curls. In the above picture, I'm on the bottom 2 from the left, withe the frizzy fro.

I'm on the left, with my sisters and Grandma who all used a curling iron. I remember thinking it was a good hair day, not so much humidity, no frizz! (the glasses really make the picture!)

My boyfriend-now-husband and I. I loved my hair long but pulled away from my face. Those curls were so wispy that they tickled the nose and eyes if let loose!

This is me, my now 16 yr. old nephew and my college roommate. She used a curling iron.
Our hair was completely opposite. When mine gets wet it gets more curly. When hers gets wet it looses all curl and body!

This was last summer. I've cut my hair since this picture, but this is when I started to love my curls and take care of them a little. I haven't straitened my hair in 5 months!

I searched for a recent picture of me, but it's summer and I've been putting my hair up, so this is the best I could do: Fourth of July, 2011.

Embrace those curls!!
Note: I hadn't realize how much my curls have relaxed this last year as I'm getting older. Those white and gray hairs are a different texture!


  1. Beth!!! Good for you! I love your curls! It took a long time to finally embrace them, but the important thing is that we do. For me, especially with a biracial child, I want to exemplify to my daughter the beauty of natural, well cared for, curls. I don't want her to suffer from poor self esteem like I did because of her hair.

    Thank so much for stopping by De Su Mama! Your support means a lot!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post, and I loved seeing your "hair journey" here! I'm excited to look around your blog, too. :)