Wednesday, June 4

Are you a human?

After reading Dia's blog, I decided to ask Nick if he was a human:

Mom: Nick, are you a human?
Nick: what?
Mom: are you a human?
Nick: (a little more agitated) what?
Mom: Nick, (more stern) are you a human?
Nick: what is a human for?
Mom: all people are humans. are you a human?
Nick: (giggling) nooo!
Mom: yes you are!
Nick: thank you, mom!


  1. I went back to view Dia's blog real quick. it's funny that the time on her blog is 9:30 and mine is 8:54, yet i'm responding to her's! Time zones are silly!

  2. From my experience, he won't start feeling human until after he's had his second cup of coffee in the morning.