Sunday, June 8

Home Again.

After a great weekend of camping I just put Nick to bed. He had a quiet bathtime, unlike him, and a fun fabric-book story about camping where the characters are dolls that can go from page to page. I went to check on him (because he was kicking the walls!) and he asked rather politely if I could stay and snuggle for one more song. How could I resist?!

As the song ended and the next one began, he put both arms around my neck as I snuggled into his for one last kiss. I informed him in a whisper that it was time for me to go and he whispered back, "But Mom, I want to keep you," with his arms still around my neck. Oh, how I melted!

But it doesn't matter how much time I do or don't spend in his room giving kisses and gentle reassurances. He will still fuss and kick and shake the bed against the wall everytime I leave, even if I stayed for "just one more song, Mom?"

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  1. you'll have to give me any camping with kids tips you have... we want to go at least twice this year. this will be our first time with kids! YIKES