Wednesday, June 18

Work Related

The Sylvan logo is the old one placed on our last location for 6 years. The orange building is our new site. We get 2 signs because we're on the corner. We get more people in a day just walking in than we did in 3/4 weeks at our old location. We've signed 20 kids up as of the 17th of June! That is so incredible! I'm excited to see where we go in the next two years or so. Maybe we'll have to add more hours to our instructional sessions...
In other parts of my life... Nick has a new phrase: "That's freakin' me up, Dad."

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  1. I must say, the new building looks much more warm and inviting than the old one. There's a lot to be said about colors (and lighting and camera angles).

    I hope that the new place takes off and you guys need to expand into the space next door!