Friday, August 19

Walmart Fail

We have a store in Antioch, CA called Fallas. It's a wreck-of-a-store. The employees were stocking shelves while there was tons of merchandise on the floor. Interesting.

Anyway, I found this fleece jacket that was marked as being from Walmart. Can we say "FAIL!" $150.00 for a little kids fleece, not even lined, jacket with a couple of pockets and a zipper. NO WAY!
So instead of re-pricing, Walmart sells it to Fallas for their shelves. Silly and crazy.


  1. It may be a WalMart fail, or a fake-out. Some low price stores of a "less than reputable" nature have been known to place tags on their merchandise to indicate they are a better deal than they are. It would be easy enough to reproduce "WalMart" tags.

  2. Sadly, I don't think this store has the means or money to fudge someone elses store tags.