Saturday, July 5

Nick's Musings

Nick heard Elizabeth crying a bit this morning and asked "what is that?" I told him it was Elizabeth and he wanted to know what was going to happen with her. I informed Nick that her mommy would take care of her. Nick's reply: "I will help her." (Too sweet!)

Yesterday, we went to get Nick's and Elizabeth's pictures taken, seperately. At the portrait studio they had a tv for kids to watch. Nick was really close to the tv so I set up a chair directly infront of it and set Nick back a little. This little girl came over and stood between Nick and the tv, completely blocking Nick's view. He reached out to tap her, get her attention, and his hand happened to be at her butt level. Nick sorta grabbed her butt and politely asked if she could move out of the way. (I moved his hand and told him not to touch people there!) The little girl turned her head around and sweetly replied, "Excuse me, could you please not touch my bum." I told her mom what had happened and her mom was shocked at how polite she was about the whole thing. It was very cute.

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  1. Great. I just hope we can get this behavior curbed before High School...