Thursday, July 24


Nick and I were in the car when a wash of fowel smelling "something" came over us. Nick starting saying PU! in the back of the car and asking if it was a skunk. Having a cold, I could not decipher if it was roses or a dirty skunk. Nick started chanting and being silly about the word "PU."

Nick's chant:
PU, PU, P, P, P, P. The skunk P, P'ed on the road when he got died.
What's U, Mommy? yooey, gooey, U. PU!

A couple of weeks ago, (Rob is making me blog this) I was changing for work infront of Nick (now 3 years old). I took off my PJ top and he said, "Oh, I like your boobs, Mom." Needless to say I finished getting dressed rather quickly!


  1. thats funny! May also talks about my boobs when i change in front of here... she asks if they hurt?! LOL

  2. Well, there's no question that he's a boy!

  3. I didn't MAKE you blog that... I suggested that you should. (I also threatened to blog it myself, but I wasn't serious.)