Sunday, August 3

More Nicky-isms

"I 'nt no" (I don't know)
"wawee, wawee, wawee, ge'your abver-bsere." (Lolly, get your adverbs here)
"Lazy bones!" (mommy's name in the mornings)
"That makes me sad! Don't talk that way to me." (Already in trouble, about to get punished)
"Five more minutes, Mom." (at bedtime or in the pool)

Nick is napping and Rob and I are playing a game called "Magic Pen" on, trying to master each level, either creatively or with the fewest shapes. It's just another way to waste time and not do chores! Speaking of, I really should get some laundry done before Monday morning, and clean the kitchen, and scrub the tub, and vacuum the living room, and pick up Nick's room, and go over bills, and ..... .... ... .. .


  1. Magic pen was more fun than chores were...

  2. Thanks a I'm addicted to that game...