Tuesday, August 26


Nick, Mommy, and a scary giant otter. Nick was not thrilled to get his picture with it, but he laughed like only a mom can get her boy to laugh!

We went to Monterey bay this past weekend. It was good to have passes because we spent about 3 hours each day there, instead of ALL DAY one day. I had fun taking pictures of Nicky with his daddy. We got to touch the stingrays. This brown one kept coming back to me and Nick for more!
Nick loved this computer game that they had in the otter exhibit. We even got to see an otter eat a live mouse. Well, he wasn't so alive by the time the otter got around to munchin'.

We had a fun picnic lunch on Sunday with Rob's sister, too, and were visited by a squrill (sp?) who was not afraid of us at all. Nick and I even got soaked when a HUGE wave came up and splashed us. (that is not me in the pic. Nick is telling some stranger a story!)
Outside of the IMAX theatre, a bagpiper played about a dozen different kinds of bagpipes. Nick loved it, as "Wicked Tinkers" are one of his favorite bands.This old traincar was a shop and Nick loved that he could go inside the train!

This vidoe is why Nick likes the sand and why his mother does not!

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  1. We need to make outings like this a regular thing for the family. It was great to get out and explore with you guys.

    (Thanks for not posting terrible picures of me!)