Monday, August 18

Arts and Crafts

I made these bags for Nick's cousin so he could sort and organize his toys. I hope he likes them! Nick picked out the fabric and the handle color as well. I made them different sizes on purpose, that was not an accident!
I've also made a beach tote for Nicky and a bag for myself out of the same material; a waist apron for work, gray; in the process of making a fancy tote for my trip to Florida, (work is paying for the trip); cool curtains for Nick's room (just can't find a nice rod); a draw-string back for dice at the Bunco games.

1 comment:

  1. Before too long, you're going to go full Amish on me and start making all our clothes... I'm not wearing the hat, but I wouldn't mind getting a couple horses and a buggy.