Tuesday, August 26


I've been very crafty lately, as I've said before. I made curtains for Nick's room. They are very busy, but Nick loves them. The pattern is red and yellow race cars with flames. His favorite! The backside is just yellow. And these are some of the bags I've been making. I even figured out how to do a lining of a bag, and pockets. Next is interfacing, to make the bag stiffer.
I'm having soooo much fun. I'm out of fabric and trying to think of things I can do with my scraps. Etsy.com has inspired me to make my own. I don't have a straight enough stitch to sell my bags, and these are not my best either, but maybe someday.


  1. that is so awesome. i love that you are sewing and learning it so well. i can barely hem something or sew a button on but i do desire the skill. way to go on following through with it!

  2. I'm so glad that you finally have a hobby. It's cool that you're enjoying it so (sew?) much!