Friday, August 22

Nick's conversations

Nick has not been napping in the afternoons, therefore has been going to bed way too early. As I was talking to him about the sun being up, I tried to recall his words because they were just too damn cute:

Nick: I'm mad at God. He's not a nice guy.
Mom: Oh, how come?
Nick: He makes the sun set. Does that mean 'go down,' Mommy?
Mom: Yes, Nick, God is in charge of the sun setting.
Nick: Yeah, he's not a nice guy. I don't want the sun to go down. I want it to be day time.
Mom: Well, it's good to have the sun go down because we need to rest, and nighttime is when we rest. God made it so we could have rest time!
Nick: (yelling) I don't want to rest. I'm mad at God for the sun.
Mom: Please don't yell in the car, Nick.
Nick: (whispering) Sorry, Mommy. I'm still mad at God, he's not a nice guy.

It went something like that. It was so funny! I talked about how I'm mad at God sometimes, but not for the sun because that's supposed to happen.

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