Monday, August 11

Who does the moon belong to?

Mommy: Who does the moon belong to, Nick?

Nick: God.

Mommy: Who does the sun belong to?

Nick: God

Grammie: Who does Nick belong to?

Nick: (in a silly, salsy voice) Not to God!

We had a little talk about how we all belong to God and God gave us Nick. He thought that was pretty silly since he clearly belongs to Mommy and Daddy. And if you ask him who's boy he is, he will quickly smile and say, "Grammie's!" Then he'll ask for a candy cane.


  1. nick sounds (and looks!) so cute! i love reading your posts. i hope i get to meet him (and see you) one day soon.

  2. kids say the darndest things... especially yours :o) oh and i commented to your comment on my blog comment area from that post... got that!?