Thursday, April 30

Culture Shock 90

I've posted about all kinds of bugs before.

Not sure I've mentioned the sheer size of them! (Not to mention the AMOUNT of bugs.)

Story Time: My 9 year old was allowed to bring a Dragonfly into the house because he usually keeps a good grip on things. Not this time!

The huge Dragonfly bit his thumb so he let go!  It flew onto his little brothers chest and bit him in the chin!  Then it landed on me! On the hand that was holding my phone.  I may have tossed my phone across the room in fear of being bit myself but I'm not telling.

The rare Luna Moth entered our home for a brief moment. It's the size of a dollar bill. 

And I have no idea how my son found a queen ant but he did. It's dead here in his hand but THAT thing is an ANT! Yuck!!

I don't know if we have Texas beat for big bugs but Mississippi is giving TX a run for the money! 

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