Monday, June 1

Goals ??

1. I do have my sewing machine with me, yet a place to set it up is hard to find.

2. I have not started sewing yet, but have fun fabric to get going with.

3. I bought a quilting book, yeah! I am not starting on a quilt, but am doing a quilted purse, which is a bit of a twist on my goal. I love to make purses and totes and have wanted to start quilting. This is a GREAT compromise.

4. New Goal: play my saxophone. Found a band that needs an alto. To the store tomorrow to purchase new reeds and MAYBE play tomorrow night if I don't chicken out!!

5. Still crazy-in-love with Jesus and trying to figure out how to show the world.


  1. i bought a quilting book too!! buuuuut i have yet to open it. i'm so good at buying books but i need to work on the reading them part :o)

    can't wait to see what you come up with!!