Friday, April 17

Nick was going potty before bed last night and he knows how to stand. So, his big bouncy ball is next to the toilet for some reason and it catches his eye during the process.

Nick: "Oh, my ball is in the bathroom with me! How did it get there?"

Mom: "I really don't know, Nick. Please go potty."

Nick: "Oh, okay. Can I pee on it, please?"

Mom: "No, Nick. We only pee IN the potty, but thanks for asking so nicely!"

Nick: "We only pee IN the potty?"

Mom: "Yep. Not in our pants, not on the bed, not on the bouncy ball. Only in the potty."

Nick: "Oh."

1 comment:

  1. LOL this is sooo funny! good thing to know, huh Nick?!

    i suppose i have this to look forward to w/ Camo