Thursday, January 1

Wars and Rumors of Wars

This is from 2005, Israel remaining peaceful in Gaza.

This is so funny to me. The demoralization! So ludicrous! The nonviolence of Israel being mocked!

Taken from an article: 2008

Israeli leaders said they would press ahead with the Gaza campaign, despite international criticism and enraged protests across the Arab world. Israel's foreign minister said the goal was to permanently halt the barrages of rocket fire from Gaza that have targeted civilians in growing swaths of Israel's south, but not to reoccupy the Palestinian territory.

Hamas fired missiles deeper than ever into Israel, hitting near the Israeli port city of Ashdod, and the Islamic organization continues to command some 20,000 fighters.

Yet Hamas leaders were forced underground, most of the dead were from the Hamas security forces, and Israel's military intelligence chief said Hamas' ability to fire rockets had been reduced by 50 percent. Indeed, Hamas rocket fire dropped off sharply, from more than 130 on Saturday to just over 20 on Sunday.

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis live in cities and towns in Gaza rocket range. Schools in communities in a 20-kilometer (12-mile) radius from Gaza were ordered to remain closed beyond the weeklong Jewish holiday of Hanukkah which ends Monday.

"What would Indonesians do if Malaysia was shelling Pontianak with 70 rockets per day? During the supposed "cease fire" Hamas shot over 1,250 rockets into Southern Israel. Israel did not fight back. It sought to maintain the peace. Hamas only escalated the attacks. What would Indonesia do if Malaysia was shelling Pontianak with 70 rockets per day? Should Israel just lay down and do nothing? My heart grieves for every innocent Palestinian victim, every mother and child. But Hamas bears responsibility for bringing this violence upon the Palestinians." Amir

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