Friday, May 16

I just want to spend time with you...

Nick was pretending to be a dog at my feet. He was on all fours, barking, zigzagging back and forth, generally being a nuisance. I told him to leave me alone. I kept tripping over him as I was getting ready for work.

"Nick," Mommy says in an irritated voice, "please leave me alone right now!"

"But," Nick replies in the sweetest, saddest voice ever, "I just want to be with you, Mommy."


  1. don't you hate that when they make you feel like you're the worst person ever for wanting a few second to yourself.... this happens to me probably once a day. makes me feel awful.

  2. The quandry of parenting indeed. Just now I was finishing up some work (I just started a new work at home job this week) and all Leah keeps yelling from the couch is, "Mom! Snuggle!" :) So you are not alone. And now I must go snuggle.

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