Wednesday, May 7

To BEE...

Nick's been bothering me as I've been trying to read everyone's blogs. I decided to give in and let him sit on my lap. I stopped reading and we had a good ten minute giggle fest! {sigh} It's great to be a mom.

Nick helps me not to take things too seriously. If Rob and I are arguing, Nick says, "Be quiet, Mom." (yes, I usually start it.) Or he tries to get us to laugh by pretending to sneeze, (family joke!). So, I'm glad Nick wanted some attention, even though it irritated me. It made me pause and reflect on my priorities for the day. My mornings should be filled with Nick and chores. As a working mom, I HAVE to take time to enjoy Nick, to simply BEE with him, in the mornings. (I asked Nick what picture he wanted and he said, "The talking bee." So here we are! That was before I even typed anything.) Now we need to get ready for me to go to work, but I just want to stay home and giggle! We'll do more of that when Daddy gets home and I pick Nick up this evening. 'Til then, my Nicky-boo!

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