Monday, May 5

"What the heck?!"

Gramma, thank you for the bath; thank you for dinner; thank you for... grandpa. (whispered on the wind by my 2 year old.)

I'm not a snuggly person. I get a bit wiggly if you hold on to me too long. I even get a bit squirmish when my 2 year old is too clingy. BUT>>> there is nothing like a morning hug, a morning kiss, a morning whisper of "hi, mommy."

As i've been trying to figure out how to even write this blog, i have said "What the heck" a few times. This statement makes me giggle and my heart skip a beat because it reminds me of my toddler. He has picked up this lovely saying from somewhere/someone. hmm... could it be me?! When i say it, i can hear his little voice raise in frustration and immitation. It makes me laugh and laughing is good!

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