Friday, May 9

Electricity, Electricity

Our community is still in shock over the loss of a beloved sister... my thoughts are so sad, it's hard to think of anything else.

Nick is watching "electricity, electricity." (School House Rocks) and now it's onto
"Interjections, followed by an exclamation point, or by a comma when the feeling's not as strong." His favorite is "I'm Just a Bill." I love that he is so interested in reading and music.

Now that he's had his surgery, he's running around and jumping and skipping more than ever! I didn't realize his life was mis
sing those things until I see how free he is NOW! I can bearly keep up, but that is such a wonderful thing!! He is definitely 3! even though his birthday is 2 weeks away. He is not being a good listener with mommy or daddy, though he listens at day care, so that's a good thing. rob and i are constantly stepping on hotwheels and other brands of cars and trains. squeaky dragons, singing dogs, keyboards, whistles: those get sidestepped. books get slipped on. It's a good life, mostly.


  1. Wow... Nick with a clean face. That's a sight seldom seen.

    Dang, he's cute.

  2. BTW: Your photographer is amazing. Are they professional? How do they do such great portraits and candids? Are they expensive to work with? Can I have their contact information? Do they do weddings?