Wednesday, January 26

Patched Jeans

My son received some jeans from a friend who had out grown them. Apparently, my son is biased towards jeans and would not put them on with holes in the knees.

I cut up some old jeans that I had no intention of fixing, double layered the scraps, undid the jeans seams, sewed the patches to the inside, and sewed the side seams back up. Took me an hour. Note: Finally re-found the tute I was inspired from! I am Momma Hear Me Roar!

I think of it this way: an hour of paid work would be $8-20. A pair of jeans can cost $10-35. I saved both pair of jeans from ending up in the landfill and saved my wallet from getting a hole in it!

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  1. Gotta love patch jobs! It's way better than buying another pair!!!

  2. I agree...I hate holes! nothing frustrates me more! you will have to share a tutorial so we can all do it and save us some money! good job!

  3. Cool job, Beth - bet your son is a teenager. THey like the used look. William didn't want to see the holes.