Sunday, January 9

Advent in January? Sure!

We didn't do the advent calender this year. Well, we tried one of those 99c ones from Trader Joes, but the chocolate was cheap and the days were out of order. It was fun for a few days, but lost it's glory quickly!

After reading Gypsy Momma's blog, I once again am humbled by and thankful for such insight. She mentions starting an advent tradition that made her 5 year old so very curious. Hey, I have one of those, too!

This is silly, but I am going to do this advent calender now. Starting in the middle of January, I am going to read the story of Jesus' coming to my 5 year old. I am going to build up the hero of this story to his full glory! No matter that we will not end on Christmas day. We will end where our own story begins, the journey that is our own lives.

My son and me last Thanksgiving. (pic. 2009)

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