Wednesday, January 12


It screams 1980! Let's hear it for BUM Equipment. I pulled this deserted sweatshirt out of a pile of old material and clothes from my parents garage. The most vivid memory I have in this sweatshirt is of a rainy day. The hood leaked.

You can see the zipper in the hood. It makes a stylish sailors flap in the back to hang on your shoulders when unzipped.

It had to be undone! I searched the internet for ideas on what to do with old sweatshirts. The most popular idea: donate it. This is beyond the donation stage. it has a stain on the back, (that I missed for the pic,) and the front is full of yellowing.

The deconstruction of the 80's:

So, I think I have a cool spaceman helmet and some leg warmers. I might use the body of the shirt to make a protocol of a vest that I am designing. Not sure yet. It was extremely satisfying to cut through this material. I can't say why, other than it was a smooth cut, for the material and for the past to be left behind!

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