Saturday, January 15

The 2 Become One

These are the two jeans that were supposed to become one. Alas, I made some calculation flaws and it could not be done the way I intended. The Wranglers are still intact while the apt.9 are deconstructed and constructed again!Instead, I took some extra light-weight upholstery fabric, did some fast math, easy cutting, and came up with something more stylish.

First, I cut the outside seams of the jeans with a seam ripper.Then I turned the pants inside out, and cut off the serged edge, (where I just ripped the seam). I also cut right through the waist band.
With right sides facing, I placed the patterned fabric and the edge of the jeans that I just cut together and stitched up the sides. I did the same thing with the other side of the patterned fabric, thus fixing the slit I just made in the jeans!I made sure to zig-zag stitch, since I don't have a serger. When I got to the top, I folded over the patterned fabric to match the length of the jeans. Easy Peasy. On second thought, I should have done this first and stitched across this before I put the whole long piece onto the jeans. I do hope that I don't have to do this again because it means that I don't fit into my 'skinny' jeans. But I am so 'jean' picky that these make a nice alternative for going to the store and trying clothes on!


  1. That is a very ingenious idea for altering jeans! love it!

  2. That is so clever! Well done!