Friday, January 28


Five Minute Friday topic from Gypsy Mama: The Women

I took a night off from reading bed time stories and snuggling up with stuffed puppies and whales to have a night out with a woman. We went out to grab a bite and headed back to her appartment to chow down.

We were supposed to watch a movie but got to talking, like women do. We were supposed to sit quietly and simply enjoy the commonality of watching the same flick, but we got to story telling, like women do.

This was the second night we had tried to watch a movie, nothing specific, but instead we got to discussions, like women do.

On the way home, I needed to stop for medicine for a weepy child. In the parking lot, I saw an old friend and we got to chatting, like women do.

My husband rang and tried to connect with me. He was not surprised to hear that I was still talking, like women do.


  1. "Like women do..."

    Isn't that so true? And I can't imagine it being any other way!!

    Thank you for sharing that oh-so-KEY aspect of women!

  2. When I talk to my mom on the phone we say goodbye at least 5 times, because one of us always ends up starting a new rabbit trail to our conversation. "Like women do." Love this!