Saturday, January 22


I am joining Lisa-Jo at for her Five-Minute-Friday post, even though I'm doing it on Saturday.

Hit the alarm: Seven more minutes of sleep, of quiet, of warmth, of rest.

But the day is calling. As I lay for seven more minutes, I hear breakfast being made and the water running. I hope the water is running into the coffee pot! I hear my husband's squeaky computer chair as he sits to read his mail. I hear the spoon hit the bottom of the cereal bowl and my own stomach growls. I hear the slurping of milk as the last drop is being savored!

I can see through my closed eyelids that the sun is indeed up and the day has begun even though I am resisting with everything in me. The blanket pulled over my head does not seem to take away the light.

I feel the cold seep into my bones as I tuck my arm back into the covers. I feel tired and weighted down with what the day holds.

One foot out of the covers and it's time to get up...

Mark. 5 minutes.


  1. Oh, yes! Don't we all have those days? Thanks for sharing your morning with us!

  2. Grrrrl, and once you hit the snooze one-time; it's habitual. :) Thanks for your comment on my blog.