Tuesday, June 17

Culture Shock 32

We had an amazing time at a birthday party this past week. Jumpy house, water slide, cake, ice cream, feeding the horses, driving an atv, piñata smashing.

Speaking of piñatas, I was worried that my 9 year old would bust the thing open before the younger ones got a chance to swing.

All went well. My 18 mo. old even swung the bat and had fun.

The shocker:

As my son goes up to swing, I hear from the back of the line of kids, "Beat it like it's your son!"


But the most shocking part was that no one acted like they heard. Not one adult made a move or a snicker. Friends from California, tell me that you would have reacted! Tell me that you would have at least laughed out loud! No one made a peep!

Later that evening, my husband mentioned it. He had been at a different location than I was. If he and I heard it, I know others did too! I'm still laughing!

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