Saturday, June 7

Culture Shock 30

My nine-years old's observations about Mississippi:

  • Color-changing lizards are common here.
  • Traffic, or lack there of.
  • We had to learn about Brown Recluses.
  • Our house is huge!
  • There are so many toads. (He just caught a very tiny one!)
  • Our yard is HUUGE!
  • We can't always find a fast food place to eat while running errands.
  • I can catch pets from our backyard, like snakes and lizards.
  • There are fireflys / lightning bugs.
  • It's warm when it rains (mostly) and we can play outside in it.
  • Snow! (It snowed this last winter for the first time in a long time here in McComb.)
  • Fog doesn't mean put on a sweatshirt like it does in California!

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