Tuesday, June 3

Culture Shock 28

Compared to California, this town does not have as much diversity in skin tone. I grew up around lots of different cultures. Even in college, there was quite a variety of ethnicity.

There are very few people of Asian decent around these parts in Southern Mississippi. A few people can be found with ancestors from Mexico but not many Canadians venture this far south.

I don't know all the history yet, but racial tensions have been high in the past here in McComb, so I've heard. I see black and white folks inter mingling now.  Our church is growing in diversity, but it's still only  a few. There are places with railroad tracks and you don't want to be on the "wrong" side. I don't know if that is more to do with race, crime, poverty, or all of the above. (This blog is not the place for that discussion.) I'm just saying it's different than what I grew up with.

This isn't really a shock.  I lived in Atlanta through the years 2000 - 2001.  I know that racial tension still exists.  It exists far less where I come from than here.  That's all.

(I have tried to be elegant and sensitive as to not offend.  I am simply trying to point out some differences between the west and the south.)

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