Friday, June 6

Culture Shock 29

When I meet new neighbors here in McComb, it's not, "See you around." It's more like, "Come on over!"

In California, my husband and I lived in an apartment where our only dealings with our neighbors was to call the police when we heard the wife get thrown against the wall.  We lived in one apartment for 2 years, met the couple upstairs as they moved out and the new family never came down.

We lived in Brentwood for 4 years where we absolutely loved, and miss terribly, our neighbors there.  Typically, though, we lived in close proximity to many people yet only met and established friendships with very few.  This could very well be our own fault.

In contrast, I have been in Mississippi for 10 months and have met and been invited over to our neighbor's house already.  Mind you, we only have 2 or 3 neighbors out here in the country, but it is so friendly and encouraging.  We are in the Hospitality State after all!

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