Sunday, June 15

Culture Shock 31

Have you been following?

These past 30 posts have not all been shocks, but some differences I have found in the last 11 months; comparisons if you will of California verses Mississippi.

As it is fast approaching my year anniversary of moving to Mississippi, and subsequently my 17th year dating my husband, I can only describe it all as an adventure.

The link following is more about southern California culture, but I lived there for 4 years so I still thought it relevant. Here is the link. It's the Top 11 Ways you know you are from California.

YES! I miss In N Out Burgers.
YES! California Dreamin' by the Beach Boys is still an old favorite.
YES! I never said "Cali" 'til I moved out of state.
YES! I said "Dude" A LOT in jr. high and high school. (But I have still never been surfing!)
YES!  The one about driving is true!

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