Tuesday, September 14

PJ Pants

Yes, I'm a dork, in more ways than one! I could not wait until the KCWC started so I worked on these repurposed pants last night and this morning. A fifteen minute project turned into an hour because I sewed the wrong sides together and had to take out all my stitching. THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY! But alas, they are complete.

These are my husbands worn out pj pants. They could not be modeled for reasons of indecency!

I used the side seam of the pants so I could do less sewing. I love this technique!

Oops. One leg is longer than the other. How did that happen? Needs fixin'!And the finished product. My son is so excited to have these because they were his daddy's!

Thank you Rookie Moms for this wonderful tutorial!

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