Monday, September 13


I am trying to decide what to make for next weeks challenge, (see right for link.) I am hoping that I'm not to ambitious to get so much done in a week. I think I can; I think I can!
Here are my ideas so far:

1. PJ pants using this tutorial. Of course I would modify and make them for THE BOY!

2.Possibly using this tutorial for a pair of fun pants that are upcycled.

3.I really want to do a hoodie! I might use this as a guide to make one for THE BOY, or this one might be easier without a zipper.

4. I still want to do at least one hat. I'm looking at a couple different ideas. This idea here I could definitely do for any size since it is by measurements and not pattern pieces to print. I could modify this one to make it bigger because I think this pattern is a bit small for my five year old. This is my favorite pattern for a fleece hat. I changed the dimensions and made one for my son last January. Decisions, decisions!

5. I also want to try this pattern for making a short sleeved shirt into a long sleeved shirt. It looks easy enough. And I LOVE to upcycle, especially since we are low on the money side right now with both of us parents unemployed at the moment.

I can't wait to get started on these projects! This week, I am cleaning house and budgeting for the next month or so. We are deciding if we are going to move, so might be packing soon. BUT, I MUST SAY: I am looking forward to this challenge to do something productive, (no, something that I can SEE,) as I feel like all of this thinking and planning for life is for naught.


  1. I've been busy sorting through my stash and patterns to work out what to make for my son. I think it's better to have a longer list and then just see how much you get done (and only work on one thing until it's finished!). Good luck next week!

  2. Love your blog.
    Good luck with your projects, they all seem lovely and fascinating! :)