Friday, September 17

Two Shirts Into One

This turtle tank is one of my son's favorite shirts. I had to make it last through the winter, so it got new long sleeves and a stripe of white added to the bottom for length.
I used the sleeves from the white shirt to make a pattern from the blue material I had left over from the pj bottoms.
Then I used another long sleeved shirt as a guide for cutting the longer part of the sleeve. As I started cutting, I realized I forgot to include a seam allowance. BUT good news! This shirt I used is too big anyway, so it works out great!
The problem has been that it has been near 90 degrees all week with tons of humidity and a chance of rain this weekend. But alas, he will get to wear this when the weather cools down. He loves it! (I didn't tell him I cut up the shark shirt.)

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