Saturday, January 17

Spiritual Gifts

As a child, I had a nickname among my mother's sisters. "I dunno," was commonly heard out of my mouth, so my aunts started calling me that. I felt like I would get in trouble for an honest answer. So, at nine years old, I began to answer "I dunno" before I even heard the question.

The honest answer was often, "I know," or "I knew that." But at nine years old, I learned that you can't say that to an adult. They think you are being sassy, defiant, or just plain rude.

We, as adults, often forget that children will spend most of THEIR lives as adults. It seems like childhood is unimportant or a nuisance to us. We forget that children have character traits that will benefit them as adults and they can often be belittled for things that an adult would be praised for. I'm talking from experience!

I got in trouble in 5th grade for being bossy. I grew up to be an amazing boss, if I do say so myself!  I got in trouble for reading too much. I grew up to help children that struggled with letters learn how to read. I got in trouble for not having my assignments done on time. Yeah, nothing there!

I got in trouble for saying, "I knew you were gonna say that." Turns out that 20 years later,  I am realizing that THAT was discernment. I have learned over the last 10 years that THAT is my spiritual gift. It's not something I can turn on or off, so don't come bombard me with questions, please! Because I have stifled it for so many years,  I am just now learning how to use it for HIS Glory.

I have actually asked God for this gift, but I have also asked him to take it away. I don't yet fully realize what he wants me to do with it. I have heard the truth of situations that others can't see or hear and I have done nothing, so I don't feel worthy to carry this burden. Other times, I have known the hurt a friend is gonna share before they even know they are gonna share it.  I have learned that there is healing in saying things aloud, so I don't interrupt, but I don't act shocked when the news comes out either.

I have no blame here for adults treating me like the child I was. They were not Christians and might still not understand. This is a reminder to me to look at my own children in a new light as I help train then for adulthood; to help them find the gift(s) that God has given them and learn to use them for HIS Glory!

So, when some one asks me how I know what I know, or why I think what I think, sometimes it's because the Holly Spirit told me. Sure, I can back it up with a weeks worth of research, or scrutinize over someones life to find reasons. Typically, I know because I know. I know because my God has given me a gift to discern the truth of the spirit of things: people, articles, situations, feelings. This is why I stutter and hesitate to explain the whys of my own feelings. People don't like the answer, "I know," or "I already knew that." People want solid, provable answers. I don't have that. I have the Holy Spirit and he will be proven. Be patient and you will see.

This article here is a wonderful description of the gift of discernment.

1Cor 12:7-10 (NKJ) But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, another discerning of spirits...

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