Tuesday, January 6

Culture Shock 70

I want to take the time right now to remind folks from Mississippi where I came from.

Beaches and mountains. Hollywood. Home to the California redwoods,  the tallest living organisms in the world.  The place where fortune cookies were invented. The lowest and highest points in the United States: Death Valley at 282 ft below sea level and Mt. Whitney at 14,491 ft above. The 2nd best view in the world of the earths surface is at Mt. Diablo. Home to the Golden Gate Bridge, California is the most populous state, famous for the Gold Rush of '49 and Los Angeles traffic.

I say all of that to point to a busy state full of people trying to get their hands on the latest trends, whether that be fashion or technology.

I keep thinking that there can't be much more to shock me here in Mississippi; that I've seen it all or heard it all. But here we go again!

I've had the opportunity to work with some other homeshooled youth besides my own. I had a hard time realizing that these very smart kids were not aware of the potential to use youtube as a learning resource; the internet was not their first thought for reseach; "google it" was a new term for them.

So I've introduced these sweet and modest southern boys to a whole new world of learning. Maybe this old-fashioned southern state needed some California mixed in.

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