Friday, January 2

Culture Shock 68

I've spent the last 9 months paying close attention to how this southern state of Mississippi is different than the west coast of California.  From weather to manners to driving and animals, there are uncountable things that make these states unique.

Not all things are shockers or even need adjusting to. Some surprises have been a sweet relief in their difference while other things make me long for cold oceans and earthquake weather!

As a new year approaches, I decided to join the masses in stating a resolution:
I resolve to embrace my new home, to wonder at the simple, carefree life that God has brought me to; to not be shocked, but  thankful, for the differences that make my new home a place that my boys will settle into.

Culture Shock 68 is that I have changed; for good or bad is yet to be determined! My feet have grown to love the land. My hands have grown to need the soil. My heart has grown to want these southern folk next to me as I learn to live all over again.

California, you will always be my home! I will always dream of cooling off on the beach; of sled rides in the snow ; of mountain hikes; of controlled frizzy hair! I miss picnics on Mt. Diablo with my husband and impromptu drives to Stinson Beach with the Platts. I miss Lake Tahoe trips and San Diego fireworks.

But I am learning that my heart can survive being split in two. Two beautiful boys to love. Two beautiful homes to live in my heart.

Mississippi,  thank you for welcoming, for embracing, this camo-free California girl and her family.


  1. We'll make some great new memories this year!! :-) :-)

  2. I agree...where I am now is never where i imagined I would be. However, it is my home for now and it is much better to embrace all that it has to offer!